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Australia Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for the finest immigration service for Australia then your quest has come to an end, as we provide the most exceptional assistance to our clients who seek to become Australian permanent citizens. The Visa processing route is usually complex; enjoy services of The Migration Station which is one of the most trustworthy Australian immigration Consultants. Everyone knows The Migration Station as the top Australian immigration advisor in Dubai. It is renowned for its exceptional services by experienced professionals.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia

According to the current situation, Australia is the most popular immigration destination and the second-best alternative for the United States after Canada. Australia has been identified as one of the most suitable nations in terms of giving diverse work options as well as a fantastic way of life. You can get a variety of options befitting your profile from The Migration Station for Australia Immigration from Dubai. We keenly go through your profile, notice all the possible aspects and help you in immigration.

Australia is a popular destination for visitors and immigrants due to its immense natural resources and natural wonders. Aside from being a country with immense natural resources and a wide range of career prospects, Australia is also renowned for its tough immigration regulations, which necessitate the expert aid of a reputable consultant for Australian immigration providers to navigate the procedure. The Migration Station can assist you in obtaining an Australian resident visa, an Australia permanent visa, and a variety of other visas that will allow you to relocate to Australia. You can enjoy the following benefits while migrating to Australia:


1.The Best Place to Live

According to Mercer’s poll on quality of life in 2016, Australia was deemed to be the featured nation, with five of its main cities ranking in the top 50 lists of the world’s safest cities. This chart places Sydney (10th), Melbourne (15th), Perth (21st), Adelaide (27th), Canberra (28th), and Brisbane (36th) in order.

2.Completely pure air

Australia has been discovered to be the cleanest nation in the world, with a score of 80 points on the World Environment Performance Index, and we may experience the same while living there.

3.Healthcare Facilities

You have access to excellent healthcare services in an orderly and clean setting in Australia. Furthermore, the government’s services are heavily geared toward the general public’s advantage.
Health Care Centers are outfitted with sophisticated Medical Services so that individuals can live a healthy lifestyle.

4.Culture Varieties

Australia has the most diverse culture since it has individuals from 100 different nations. Australia stands out for being a human-friendly nation as it warmly welcomes and adapts outsiders in its different social cultures.

5.Population Density is Distributed

Australia is one of the world’s least densely inhabited countries, with a total area of 75,00,000 square kilometers and a net population of only 23 million people, or 6.4 people per square kilometer. As a result, it is the finest site for immigrants who want to live in a less congested neighborhood.
Eligibility criteria to apply for the Australia visa program
The Australian immigration procedure is entirely point-based, with potential candidates carefully selected based on their eligibility.

One can visit Australia using any of the visa categories listed below:

     •Visa for Students
     •Vacation Visa for Skilled Professionals
     •Investor Visa Permanent Occupation Visa
     •A candidate can visit Australia on an understudy or occasion visa and then change to a flexible visa based on their professional relevance.
     •A candidate’s eligibility will be reviewed based on numerous aspects such as educational qualification, job experience, age, and language competency, as well as several other supporting elements before their visa is approved to arrive on Australian soil officially.
     •During the evaluation procedure, a qualifying immigrant must get a minimum score of 60.
If you are looking for a Temporary Work Visa in Australia, you should full-filled the following requirements:
  • At least three years of experience in the relevant field where you are applying:
  • At the time of application, the real age should be below 45.
  • Must have received a minimum of 5 in all areas of the IELTS evaluation.
  • The Migration Station may also aid you in obtaining a permanent residence visa for Australia in a more expedited manner. As the most reputable Australian immigration advisors, we guide our customers on the right route so that they can settle in their dream country of opportunity.

In-Depth Look at the Visa Application Process

Step 1: You must be on the list of skills in limited supply.
The Australian government publishes a Skills Occupation List that includes several sorts of skills and vocations. If your expertise matches with the list then you are capable of applying under the Skilled Migrant Category.
Step 2: In the point section, you should secure enough points.
Points will be awarded depending on a variety of factors. These include your employment experience, age, vocation or trade, and English language proficiency. You can also get points if you previously worked or studied in Australia.
Any of your close relationships is already living in Australia.
You’ve been sponsored by a state that needs someone with your special abilities.
Step 3: Skill Evaluation
The proper evaluating bodies will evaluate your talents based on your job experience and post-secondary school background. You will only go to the next step if you obtain positive comments.
To be on the list of successful applicants who can get a call to apply for a Visa, you need to submit your EOI, or Expression of Interest after being approved for immigration. It might take anything from 4 to 18 months for your EOI to be accepted.

Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE

The Migration Station take into account all your interest and requirements which is why to obtain a visa grant, we help you to choose the right immigration and Visa category. Our team of licensed advisors as experts in this field by having years of experience. Customers’ trust and loyalty make us the best immigration consultant in Dubai for Australia. Our immigration advisors extensively examine your profile and advise you in picking the most appropriate visa category based on your credentials, as well as preparing your visa application to obtain the best results. We offer our knowledge to put you at rest throughout the process and attempt to make the difficult procedure as simple as possible.

Immigration lawyer for Australia in Dubai

The Migration Station is a registered immigration Consultant in Dubai. The Migrations Station prioritizes the credibility of its services which is sustained by strength, dignity, and locality. As a result of these distinguishing characteristics, TMS promises to provide the most
dependable outcomes to its valued customers. We do our best to approach each case with vigor and to assist our customers based on their qualifying requirements. The Migration Station is a specialized immigration solutions company situated in Dubai. We specialize in assisting people in achieving their goals. We can assist you to speed up your case through the Australian immigration system, bringing you one step closer to your life objectives. We are a team of Australian immigration attorneys and advisors. We provide a variety of services to help you with your Australian immigration from Dubai, including:
Visa application for permanent residency
Processing of investor or entrepreneur visas
Processing of student visas
Visa applications for visits
Processing of a spouse visa


Apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia with your family to experience and love the privileges that Australia has to offer. Experience the joy of establishing in a new country with us, one of the top Australia visa experts in Dubai. The Migration Station provides the best services to all of our clients for them to make an informed decision and continue their career in a new country.
Nominee must live in the state for at least three years.
The candidate must disclose their present address as well as the location of the region in which they intend to stay.
Before arriving in Australia, you must have completed all of the questionnaires and post-arrival procedures.
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