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Canada Visit Visa

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Canada Visit Visa

Visit visa of Canada allows visitors from all over the world to spend some time in the country. From Dubai, you can apply for a visit visa if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for a visit visa from Dubai to Canada?

Being a candidate, you must be able to fulfill some requirements so that you can be eligible for a visit visa to Canada
     •You should have a travel document in the form of a passport
     •You should be free from any criminal or immigration-related convictions
     •You must be in healthy physical condition
     •You need to convince immigration officials that you are a real fit for this application for example a job, family, or house financial assets

Time duration for validity of visit visa

You will need a Visit visa as a mandate, which is valid for 6 months unless you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country, in which case you can visit Canada for 180 days.

Types of visit visas

Visit visa can be of two types

1. Multiple entries

The candidate can be a visitor of Canada for 6 months with this multiple visa entry. However, it is valid for up to 10 years.

2. Single entry

Single entry allows you to visit Canada only for one time. This is unlike multiple entries which allow people to enter and live in Canada for more than one time uptil the validity of the visit visa.

How to apply?

We are available for you to assist in applying for a visit visa to Canada from Dubai. You can simply drop us an email or a call. Any one of our outreach staff will listen and guide you. We are concerned to gain customer loyalty by providing you consultancy without any hidden fees. Contact us at info@themigrationstation.com  +971561786677 or fill the assessment form for free evaluation. 

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