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Migrate To New Zealand

New Zealand is a remarkable country with a diverse landscape. Your immigration from Dubai to New Zealand is just the destination of Rolling green hills. The nation has a plethora of scenic scenery areas that are ideal for nature enthusiasts. So, if you live in Dubai and seek a tranquil environment with refreshing scenic beauty, New Zealand is the ideal country for you. However, due to the country’s strict immigration restrictions, immigration from Dubai to New Zealand is tough. As a result, if you want a quick and painless immigration process, you should seek help from New Zealand Immigration Consultant in Dubai. In this regard, The Migration Station has highly qualified consultants and it would be the best option for you.   


Why should you move to New Zealand 

New Zealand has a growing work market with great opportunities in a wide range of industries. The country also ranks well in terms of income and wealth distribution. Other major indices, such as healthcare, education, life expectancy, quality of life, and general well-being, show that the country is doing well. Wellington, New Zealand‘s capital, was ranked first in a Global Deutsche Bank Quality Study, while Auckland, the country’s largest city, was ranked third in Mercer’s quality of the living index. Here’s a quick explanation of why New Zealand is quickly becoming a popular immigration destination:  

  • With excellent living circumstances, New Zealand provides a relaxed way of life.  

  • The people of New Zealand are warm and hospitable 

  • The nation is a melting pot of cultural identities 

  • New Zealand has beautiful weather and a diverse climate 

  • It is home to wildlife, pristine beaches, and spectacular scenery 


Benefits of permanent residence in New Zealand 

  1. You can freely travel once you have achieved permanent residency, which means you can enter and exit New Zealand anytime you want 

  1. With a New Zealand permanent resident visa, you have unlimited rights to freely dwell, study, and work in New Zealand and Australia 

  1. Holders of a permanent residence in New Zealand are also eligible for medical and social security benefits under the country’s rules and regulations.  

  1. You will also be granted New Zealand citizenship after completing the required time. Furthermore, every kid born there automatically becomes a citizen.  


Time required for a New Zealand PR visa 

Well! It is entirely dependent on your background and application. Because each application and candidate is unique, so will the processing time. Furthermore, the length of your visa process is heavily influenced by the type of visa you choose. For example, a skilled migration visa might be completed in 17 months, but a pr visa can be finished in 63 days (90 percent application similarly, if you are a New Zealander’s partner, 90 percent of the procedure will be completed within 12 months. 

Work permits for key talents can be fulfilled in as little as 71 days. If you are perplexed, do not worry; contact a qualified, reliable, and the best Immigration consultant in Dubai to comprehend the procedure, determine the processing time, and gather other important information.  


The most suitable cities in New Zealand to visit and live in 

Although the whole country provides breathtaking scenic views to its people and residents, you can choose to remain anywhere in the country. However, some of New Zealand‘s most popular and greatest cities are:  

  • New Plymouth 
  • Dunedin 
  • Tauranga 
  • Queenstown 
  • Whangarei 
  • Nelson 
  • Hamilton 
  • Napier 
  • Wellington 
  • Rotorua 
  • Auckland 
  • Christchurch 

To learn more about the pr and immigration visa for New Zealand, including the visa procedure, processing period, required documents, and so on, contact The Migration Station application process of New Zealand Immigration.  


Steps of Application Process 

  1. Sending your Expression Of Interest  

Submitting an expression of interest is the first step in the application for a skilled migrant visa. You must claim points for your age, credentials, abilities, job experience, and (near relative in New Zealand), among other things. To assist immigration, the first portion of the form requires typical immigration information.  

This is because for migration to New Zealand you have to be in good health, have good character, and be within the specified range of age so that you can be harmless to its inhabitants.  

  1. EOI Pool Draw  

Your application for Expression of Interest for a Skilled Migrant visa becomes the part of selection when you have a work opportunity or your points are a total of a hundred or more. Applicants with 140 or more points are automatically considered for the skilled worker immigrant visa category. If some openings remain, immigration New Zealand picks as many further applications with 100 points or more as feasible during their fortnightly selections. 

This step involves extensive examination and validation of information provided on expression of interest. all the applications with incomplete irrelevant or incorrect information are rejected and returned. Selected applicants, on the other hand, get an invitation to apply.  

  1. Your application invitation  

If your application is selected from the EOI pool then it is received at the official Invitation To Apply (ITA). Applicants should also provide proof of the claims that they made in the Expression of Interest form for example medical reports, clearance certificates from police, English language competency, and other relevant documents. 

  1. Evaluation and approval  

Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed for permanent residence in New Zealand. In addition to ensuring that the applicant satisfies all of the skilled migrant visa criteria, he or she is evaluated on his or her planned capacity to settle well in New Zealand. At this point, certain applicants may be invited to an interview at the New Zealand embassy.  

If an applicant completes all of the preceding phases and demonstrates his or her capacity to live in New Zealand and contribute significantly to the country’s economy, the applicant is granted a resident visa or permit. Some candidates may instead be granted a work to residence permit, which will allow them to work in New Zealand for nine months.  


Have a relaxed immigration process with the Best Immigration consultant in Dubai 

Allow The Migration Station, the Best Immigration consultant in Dubai, to assist you in obtaining any type of visa to New Zealand. We have a team of specialists that can take you through the full immigration procedure and assist you in obtaining a visa in the least amount of time.  

Since we claim The Migration Station to be the Best Immigration consultant in Dubai, we want to ensure that every aspirant receives the assistance they deserve.  

Prospective clients can determine their eligibility by filling out our free evaluation form. They can also submit their prerequisites online and submit their application later.  

Aspirants will be assigned a dedicated immigration counselor who will handle and monitor their applications. Aside from that, The Migration Station will make appropriate recommendations to ensure that successful applicants have all of the information they need to live in their selected location.  

With TMS, you may successfully settle in New Zealand on study abroad scholarships or an international student visa. Connect with one of our online advisers for additional information on immigration application processing times, immigration requirements, or visa perks.  

Visit our websites for further information about TMS visa services Co. of New Zealand. These include: 

  • Visit Visa 

  • Work Visa 

  • Study Visa 

  • Investor Visa 


Why should you hire The Migration Station consultants?  

  1. Client-oriented 

The Migration Station is the best immigration consultant in Dubai because it is oriented consultancy services. The expert immigration lawyers ensure that customers receive special and customized attention according to their needs and desire. They strive for perfection at every stage, and you can expect the greatest after-sales customer care in the future.  

The Migration Station has a stronghold in a few immigration services with vast knowledge and ability to help you with a wide variety of visa-related concerns. Our solutions are on par with the greatest services and are completely perfect.  


  1. Professional expertise 

The Migration Station has a team of qualified immigration professionals, including attorneys, legal counselors, specialists, and administrators, to guarantee that there are no delays from the time you enter our consultation until you receive your visa approval. They are qualified from reputable institutions and will assist you in achieving your goals.  


  1. Convenient and ongoing assistance 

There are several reasons why individuals opt to relocate to a new nation. Some of the many profound reasons include seeking a higher standard of life, a better job, investing in another territory, or just obtaining a second citizenship. What important, regardless of the reason for the relocation, is the complete immigration procedure, which must be client pleasant. As immigration service providers, we assure our clients of a simple relocation procedure. Our immigration advisors at The Migration Station are available to give professional advice and support at every level of the process. 

  1. Transparency 

At The Migration Station, we distinguish ourselves from other immigration consultants by emphasizing total transparency in our code of conduct and ethics, which is closely adhered to by our results-oriented staff. Unlike other immigration agencies, we do not demand exorbitant fees and instead provide our immigration services at a fair cost. This is the reason why we are regarded as the Best Immigration consultant in Dubai. 

  1. Standardized approach 

For a comparable goal, our immigration specialists follow a well-organized and simplified method. All of our methods and processes are fully defined and tailored to the requirements of the nation in question, making the entire migration process simple to perform and producing 100% successful outcomes within time limits.  



Additional information, assistance, and guidance  

With over years of expertise in New Zealand immigration, we have assisted hundreds of people and families from the UAE and throughout the world in permanently relocating to New Zealand and establishing new and satisfying lives. Contact our certified immigration specialists now to learn about different immigration alternatives, life and career opportunities in New Zealand, the country’s future, and the requirements for relocating to and working in one of the finest nations in the world.  

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