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Skilled Visa 


New Zealand, a cosmopolitan South Pacific nation with a population of roughly 4.5 million people, is known across the globe for its breathtaking landscape and laid-back culture.  

New Zealanders live a well-balanced lifestyle, with excellent professional possibilities and lots of time for leisure pursuits. Outdoor activities abound, including water sports, winter sports, extreme sports, and some of the world’s most stunning treks.  

While New Zealanders put in long hours at work, they also appreciate the value of work-life balance. Life in New Zealand is about balancing time spent working hard and time spent enjoying the Kiwi way of life. So, with such a great lifestyle, who can resist considering New Zealand as a serious immigration destination?  

All temporary work visa candidates must meet certain requirements.  

To enter New Zealand, you must do the following:  

Be in good health and have a pleasant personality 

Have a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond the date you want to depart New Zealand, be genuine in your desire to work in New Zealand, and have the appropriate visa for your visit.  

If you are given a temporary work visa, you must satisfy the following requirements during your stay:  

  • The job you undertake must be following the requirements indicated in your visa 

  • You must adhere to New Zealand laws 

  • You must only stay in New Zealand for the period stipulated in your visa.  

Avoiding Common Mistakes  


Register to get personalized information to assist you with the immigration process, job applications, and your transfer to New Zealand. Applicants in the Skilled Migrant Category frequently commit the following errors, which result in fewer points being awarded:  

  1. Qualifications that are not recognized  

If you want to claim points for your credentials, they must either be on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment or have been evaluated by NZQA.  

  1. Unparalleled work experience  

If you are claiming points for work experience, it must be related to your qualification and job/job offer. If you do not have a job or an offer, your previous experience must have been in a comparable labor market, a profession on the LongTerm Skill Shortage List, or for a global organization.  

  1. Bonus point conditions have not been satisfied.  

You must fulfill the severe conditions listed on the LongTerm Skill Shortage List to collect work experience bonus points.  

Contribution of The Migration Station  

We handle not only the visa processing phases but also the follow-up procedures. So let us aid you in reaching a lovely paradise of lush and unique scenic beauty.   

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