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Visit visa 

It is simple to migrate to New Zealand and visit over there. You may enjoy New Zealand’s landscape, adventure, culture, and nice people while you’re here.  

 Documents required to apply 

Online application is a bit different from applying at the embassy and has some requirements. TMS does not expect much of you. Here’s what you’ll require:  

PassportFor applying online from Dubai to New Zealand, individuals need a valid passport. There also need to confirm that your documents are valid for at least 3 months after you migrate from New Zealand to UAE. 

  • Digital photo – the photo should be as current as feasible and fulfill all of the other requirements for a passport photo.  

  • Payment method – TMS asks you to pay during the application procedure. You can pay via PayPal. 

  • Email address – You will receive a visa in PDF format from TMS through email. Don’t forget to print a few copies so you have a spare or two in case something goes wrong.  

  • Evidence of financial competence – once in New Zealand, you must demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself financially for the duration of your journey. A bank account statement should be sufficient.  

  • Return flight ticketDuring the migration from Dubai to New Zealand, you must afford your return flight ticket. the management of the airport as you for return flight ticket and you must have it.  


  1. Submit all papers to the New Zealand Visa Application Centre counter.  

  1. Submit the visa fee there, which is only accepted in PHP currency.  

  1. There will be no embassy interview sessions to inspect and verify the applicants’ paperwork.  

  1. New Zealand immigration officers will review all documentation before processing the visa.  

  1. Select the most appropriate visa category for your travel to New Zealand, based on the purpose of your visit.  

Also, if you are sponsored by a relative and all of your expenditures are covered by them, bring all of the necessary documentation.  

Contribution of The Migration Station  

The Migration Station will help you obtain New Zealand travel entrance permit papers in Dubai. There is no interview necessary. There is no need to bring your original passport or visit our office; simply email us the necessary documentation.  

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