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Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE for Schengen visa 


Schengen is the passport-free zone in the European Union which encompasses the great majority of the European Union’s member nations. The most compelling factor is, that it is the world’s biggest free-travel zone in terms of area. With The Migration Station, the best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE you can easily get a Schengen visa for up to 90 days. With this visa, you can travel to any member of the Schengen Area as a tourist. 

You can use The Schengen visa for traveling to and from Europe. Any Schengen member country, provides the bearer with the ability to enter, freely travel within, and exit the Schengen zone without restriction. 


Obtaining entry into the Schengen Area 


To enter the EU for several purposes, including visiting, studying, or working, all non-EEA (non-European Economic Area) people are required to get a Schengen visa from the EU. The Schengen visa system is almost equivalent to the visa requirements imposed by the United Kingdom government when applying for a tourist visa to visit the country. A travel visa is provided for a certain time, and visitors are required to leave the Schengen area after the period for which they were granted permission to remain. 


Why a visit to Schengen is so appealing? 


It is the Schengen area that includes the bulk of Europe and acts as a gateway for tourists to have a personal understanding of the European way of life. The region’s rich history, which spans millennia, as well as its significance in worldwide literature and popular culture, have all contributed to its appeal. It should come as no surprise that a few European destinations are on almost every traveler’s must-see list.  

The Schengen region has eliminated the need for tedious border crossings that used to be a requirement for traveling across Europe. Traveling to the bulk of the EU is now as simple as flying. The Schengen visa allows travelers to easily transit borders with just a single passport stamp upon arrival and another upon exit from the continent, allowing them to travel freely across Europe. 

The following are some of the reasons why Europe continues to be one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and why traveling there is like a dream come true for many people that go there. 


  1. History: Europe has the most comprehensive historical record in the world. 

  1. Food: Europe’s delectable food, which is distinctive and delicious, is a component of beautiful memories. 

  1. Nightlife: One of the most memorable tourist experiences is to go out and party. 

  1. Shopping: Europe is a popular shopping destination for many people. 

  1. Festivals: Europe has an outstanding festival schedule that you should check out. 


Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are among the most frequent travelers in the world. That is why it is ranked as one of the top 15 nations whose citizens applied for a visa to Europe at one of the Schengen embassies the most during the year 2017. 


Apply for a Schengen Visa in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE 



According to European Commission figures, over 267K people from the United Arab Emirates applied for Schengen visas in 2017. 

Since UAE passport holders have been exempt from visa requirements for entry into any of the Schengen nations since May 2015, the number of people who have visited the region is much higher. 


The Migration Station provides you Schengen Immigration Consultant in Dubai UAE to assist in the whole process. As a UAE resident, you must meet certain requirements to apply for a Schengen visa. 


Even though UAE passport holders are not needed to obtain a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen Area, they must nevertheless provide appropriate documentation at the point of entry. Whether or not they are permitted to enter is determined by the border officer in the ultimate instance. 

The following papers are necessary when applying for a short-term Schengen visa in the United Arab Emirates: 


The Application’s Format 

 It should be filled out completely and accurately with accurate and true data. Print the form twice, then sign both copies at the bottom of both copies of the form. 

The passport: 

It must be in good condition. If it is more than ten years old, it must still be valid for at least three months after the date on which the applicant plans to leave the Schengen Zone. 

Two photographs: 

 In compliance with Schengen regulations, they were taken within the last three months.  


For proving evidence of residence in the United Arab Emirates. 

  • A residence permit: 

It must be valid for a minimum of three months beyond the anticipated departure date from the Schengen zone in order to be considered valid. 


Flight Itinerary (for those who are flying): 

You will need to provide proof that you have booked a flight from the United Arab Emirates to the Schengen Zone and that you will return on the dates that you intend to enter and depart the region. 


A letter of introduction: 

You explain in it why you want to go to Europe, including the countries you wish to visit and how long you plan to stay, as well as any other pertinent information. 


Demonstration of reasonable accommodations: 

An itinerary detailing where you will be staying at each stopover along the Schengen border. An example of this might be a hotel reservation, a leasing agreement, or a letter of invitation from an individual hosting your stay at his or her house. 


  • Documentation of financial stability: 

It is necessary to evidence demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support yourself financially during your Schengen stay. 

 There are many possibilities here, including the following: 


This document verifies that you have adequate cash in your account to cover the cost of the trip. 

  1. Bank account statement The issue date of this statement should be no more than three months before. 


  1. Sponsorship Letter – signed by another person certifying that they will financially fund your visit to Schengen (European Economic Community). This letter must be accompanied by a bank statement from the sponsor that is no more than three months old to be considered legitimate. 

A combination of your bank account statement and a letter of sponsorship is acceptable. 

  • Document of travel health insurance: 

Having a document demonstrating that you have travel health insurance for the whole Schengen zone, with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros in case of any medical emergency, including illness, accidents, or even repatriation in the event of death, is essential while traveling to or from Europe. Travel insurance companies AXA Assistance and Europe Assistance offer the requisite insurance certificate needed when applying for a Schengen visa in the United Arab Emirates. 


Countries under the Schengen area 


Schengen visas are short-term travel authorizations that enable their bearers to travel freely across the Schengen region. The Schengen Area consists of 26 countries (referred to as “Schengen States”) where there are no border restrictions. Among these countries are the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, Finland, Liechtenstein, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.  


An authorization is granted by a Schengen State for the following purposes: a planned stay in the territory of the Schengen States for no more than 90 days in any 180 days (“short-stay visa”), transit through the international transit areas of Schengen States airports, and entry and exit from the territory of the Schengen States (“airport transit visa”) 

The Migration Station visa services 


The Migration Station provides excellent services to its customers ensuring that they get the highest quality immigration assistance available anywhere. The bulk of our constantly expanding client base comes from word of mouth, which we have built over the years on the foundations of trust and quality this is the reason why we are regarded as the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE. So, if you intend to migrate to the Schengen area, contact The Migration Station for experienced help in obtaining work, study, investor, or visit visa. 


Immigrant Services: The Migration Station offers expert legal and counseling services that will boost your chances of obtaining a Schengen visa for travel outside of the United States. 


Job Search Services: Thousands of immigrants have found rewarding employment opportunities in Schengen countries. We have aided a large number of job searchers in securing work opportunities in the Schengen area via our employment search services. 


Admission Services: You can be certain that our consultants will give you the best possible assistance in getting admission to an educational institution that will provide you with a degree that is recognized as having outstanding credentials. 

Reasons to Hire The Migration Station as Your Consultant 


  1. Affordable 

 Trust The Migration Station is the most trusted brand and Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE with respect to world Affordability. Everything from counseling to evaluations to success fee experience is available to you at free cost! 

  1. Clear agreement 


All of the terms and conditions of the contract are written out in writing. 


  1. All-in-One Shopping Center 


Everything from visas to jobs to vacations to relocation may be found under one roof at this location. 


  1. Accreditation 


It works in collaboration with the registered agent. 


The Most Reliable Immigration Consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


Because of The Migration Station’s amazing reliability, mainly in Dubai today have put their utmost faith and trust in the company to handle their visas and other travel arrangements on their behalf. As a result, The Migration Station is the travel agency in Dubai that has issued the greatest number of visit visas in the last four years; as a result, virtually all travel firms in Dubai now get their visas through The Migration Station. Consequently, every application processed by The Migration Station is accepted the fastest possible since the company Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE. 


Our dedicated team of visa advisers, each of whom has shown courage and a notable track record in dealing with all types of UAE Visa services, is here to help you. In addition to being a well-known immigration consultant in Dubai, we at The Migration Station specialize in all aspects of visa application. As a result, we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Dubai Visa rules and regulations.  


I am proud to be recognized as one of the most trusted and Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE. DM immigration lawyer for Schengen in Dubai with years of experience. We are the migration advisers you can trust to bring your immigration obligations to a successful finish. To find out more about how we can help you with your immigration concerns, please contact us right now. 

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