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Schengen Student Visa

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Study Visa 

The candidate for a Schengen student visa must have consented to study in an educational institution for an approved program. Applicants under the age of 18 must have made the necessary arrangements for their stay in Schengen. Depending on the country and course, a candidate may be required to undergo an evaluation before beginning the visa procedure.  

Benefits of Studying in Europe  

In several European nations, IELTS is optional. Access to the whole Schengen region. Reduced rate of visa rejection. There is no requirement for the GMAT, GRE, or SAT. Provides post-study work authorization.  

What do passport holders in the UAE need to know before traveling to the Schengen and EU zone? 

Before going from Abu Dhabi to the Schengen zone, Europe, or any other location outside the country, you must make the necessary travel arrangements. You will need specific papers and will need to take further preparatory measures. The following are the items you will need before departing the UAE. Passport valid for the United Arab Emirates 

1. Arrange for travel insurance for your visa to cover you for any unforeseen circumstances during your journey and stay abroad. This may include baggage loss, personal injury, and death, among other things, depending on your circumstances. 

2. Flight reservation for visa purposes ensures that you arrive on time and the correct path to your target country. Carry your aircraft ticket with you and arrive at the airport before the scheduled departure time. 

3. Proof of lodging for the duration of your visa application, up to and including the final day of your stay in your destination country. It is critical to make your stay as pleasant as possible. 

4. Purchase foreign currency. Ensuring that you have no difficulties making purchases in your destination country is critical. 

Documents for residents of the United Arab Emirates 

In addition to the papers listed above, citizens of the UAE must furnish the following:  

· Permit to stay in the UAE valid 

· The applicant must complete a standard Schengen visa application form and sign and date it. 

· Photographs of recent passports affixed to the application form  

· Personal letter of introduction covering all trip information 

· Demonstration of financial capacity for the trip  

Seek Our Assistance 

Consultant for Student Visas at The Migration Station assists you in pursuing post-secondary education in nations such as Canada, Schengen, the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. We advise you on the appropriate disciplines or courses for each student based on their interests and educational background.  

We guarantee that students’ personal and professional objectives are addressed while pursuing their preferred study path. Additionally, we handle documents and housing when student visas are received from the relevant embassies. Our services also include assistance in obtaining work permits and relocating after the conclusion of the courses.  

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