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Skilled Visa 


The UK Talented Worker visa was created to bring highly skilled international employees into the UK labor market and thereafter permanently settle in the UK. The skilled worker visa program enables trained youth, skilled employees, and young professionals to develop a successful career and a promising future in the United Kingdom. It should be noted that the UK skilled worker visa program permits candidates to work and reside in the nation for a maximum of five years. Furthermore, visas can be renewed if applicants can locate a new job or an employer in the United Kingdom.  

Eligibility Requirements for a skilled visa 

Candidates interested in obtaining a skilled worker visa must have a credible employment offer from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor. It is vital to remember that prospective applicants must fulfill criteria for skill, trade, or vocation, as well as English language ability.  

1. You must have a score of 70 points to qualify in the provided parameters such as particular abilities, qualifications, earnings, and professions.  

2. You must possess a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, as well as two years of appropriate work experience in one of the authorized occupations.  

3. You must have a work offer from a qualified Home Office sponsor.  

4. You must also meet the overall salary threshold of £25,600, as well as the occupation’s specific pay standards, generally known as the ‘going rate.’  


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