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Do you want to start your professional career at even higher levels? Yes! Then The United States of America is the best choice for you. And you can depend on us to get you to this beautiful nation since we are the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE. Because of our years of expertise and competence in immigration services, we are better known for developing customized solutions for U.S. immigration visa services and other countries. 

Many people from the Middle East have benefited from immigration to the United States, allowing them to fulfill their American Dream. Since making the commitment and partnering with a professional business, thousands of individuals in the United States are now striving toward their full potential. 

What are the benefits of relocating to the United States? 


The United States is “the land of opportunity,” a developed state with abundant natural resources and a large geographical area. It still has this designation. As a result of the country’s financial stability and substantial middle-class workforce, many individuals choose to study at its top colleges or work as trained professionals in the United States. 

  1. Economy 

The economy of The United States is the strongest in the world. American industry is primarily devoted to producing computers, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, aircraft, and military equipment, among other things. Individuals may pursue a successful profession in various fields, including registered nursing, software engineering, occupational therapy, web development, data science, and many more. Decode Immigration is one of the top immigration agencies in the UAE and India, and we can help you migrate to the United States. 


  1. High wages  

Compared to the average annual wage in numerous Middle Eastern nations, the average annual salary in the United States is often 10 times higher. 

  1. Development opportunities 

A large geographical area and a diversified population contribute to many immigrants’ perceptions of the United States as a “blank slate,” with the country’s dynamic image serving as a symbol of the possibilities for their personal or professional development and advancement. 

Regardless of the reasons for your desire to immigrate to the United States, finding a professional partner who can guide you through the process can be pretty beneficial. For this purpose, The migration station, Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE, is a matchless choice to get a consultation from an experienced immigration lawyer for the USA. 


  1. Educational and career opportunities 

There is also a growing trend in which many foreigners are traveling to the United States to study at prestigious universities or work for well-known multinational corporations before returning to their home countries in the Middle East to seek a better life and career opportunities that were previously unavailable. 

  1. Diversified cultural heritage  

The United States is one of the world’s biggest nations, having a rich and diversified cultural heritage. Because the United States is so large, social standards may differ from one city to another and from one state to another. All persons are treated equally in the United States, and the country has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. Discrimination in any social assignment is prohibited and punished by law, including in the United States. 

People are typically open-minded, which may be at odds with the nations’ cultures from which many immigrants have come to America. On the other hand, a resident is expected to appreciate American culture and take pleasure in pursuing their cultural customs without offending America. 

Apply for a visa with one of the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE, and take the first step toward a rewarding stay in the United States. 


  1. Life Expectancy (QOL) 

According to a recent OECD better living index poll, the average rating for overall happiness among Americans was 6.9 out of 10. Every family has an average net income of USD 45,284 per year, the national average. When it comes to work, 70% of adults between the ages of 15 and 64 years old have a salaried position. A person living in America has a life expectancy of 79 years. The government provides excellent healthcare and insurance services to the general public and those who are mainly able to take after their health and well-being. The education given by government schools is entirely free of charge. When determining whether or not to relocate to the United States, clean air and high-quality water are also important considerations. 

To accelerate your immigration procedure to the United States, apply for a visa through Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE. You will get expert advice from a USA Immigration Consultant In Dubai, UAE, and complete guidance about immigration procedures. 


The Migration Station Visa Services Co. 

The Migration Station is a company that delivers the finest immigration services in the United Arab Emirates. The following are the visa programs that we provide as one of the most reputable immigration advisors in the United Arab Emirates: 

  • Visit Visa 

  • Work Visa 

  • Study Visa 

  • Investor Visa 

The visa application for immigration from Dubai to the United States of America must be appealing and professional to persuade the government to consider you before the competition. The immigration professionals at The Migration Station will aid you in preparing a visa application that is very professional, visually appealing, and perfect to maximize your chances of being accepted. 

Struggling to find out the most suitable methods to navigate the arduous processes of immigration procedure from Dubai to the United States may be pretty stressful. In this respect, the immigration advisors at The Migration Station have an extensive understanding of the whole visa filing procedure and the immigration rules of the United States. With a highly skilled team of professionals with extensive and direct expertise in the whole process, we can provide you with the best results possible. So take your pick and then sit back and relax. 


Requirements to apply for U.S. immigration in UAE 

1. The candidate must have a net worth of at least US$ 500,000 to be considered. 

2. The candidate should not have a criminal record to be considered. 

3. The candidate needs to be in good mental and physical health. 

To go through the application procedure smoothly, hand over your application to The Migration Station, the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE. Our trained attorneys, highly experienced case officers and immigration advisors are here to assist you throughout the whole procedure. We can assist you in obtaining a USA visa from Abu Dhabi by using our considerable knowledge, comprehensive methodology, and vast network. We will guide you through a smooth, organized, and cost-effective procedure. 


Procedure for Filing a U.S. Immigration Application in UAE 

The EB-5 Investor Visa Program is a U.S. immigration program that provides permanent residence cards to immigrants who invest US$ 1 million or US$ 500,00 in projects in Targeted Employment Areas in return for a U.S. permanent resident visa. It is now the only U.S. visa program that permits foreign citizens to become permanent residents of the United States. It is also one of the most efficient and secure methods of obtaining a Green Card in the United States. 

Only the EB-5 USA Visa investor(s) and their immediate family members, including their spouse and children under 21, are granted conditional residence status under the Green Card program. 

According to one of the program’s requirements, an investor visa holder must first successfully produce at least 10 full-time direct or indirect employment for U.S. employees via their investment. After then, their conditional resident status will be changed to permanent resident status. The investor(s) and their family members may seek citizenship in the United States, which gives them the freedom to select where they wish to reside in the nation. 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for awarding EB-5 visas to the United States American citizens. They may award up to 10,000 EB-5 visas to citizens of the United States each year. 


Immigration lawyer for the USA in Dubai 

Our nationally recognized U.S. immigration lawyers and general practice lawyers in the United Arab Emirates are dedicated to providing the communities in Dubai, the surrounding areas, and even throughout the United Arab Emirates with compassionate, expert legal services for a wide range of immigration and other legal matters, including citizenship and naturalization. 

We at The Migration Station sincerely care about you and your loved ones, and we make it a point to learn about you and your family to comprehend your immigration needs and circumstances fully.  

One of our favorite localities in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai, located in the country’s capital. Given the country’s rich cultural heritage and various populations, it serves as a shining example of how we can all appreciate our differences while assisting one another to succeed economically and socially. 


Apply for USA Visa with the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai, UAE 

The Migration Station is the best immigration consultant in Dubai, UAE. We are entirely devoted to providing you with world-class services for P.R. and immigration visas and other associated requirements. We have been licensed and accredited by the appropriate authorities, guaranteeing that your immigration procedure is expedited. As the most experienced USA immigration advisors in Dubai, our goal is to assist qualified professionals, and eligible candidates realize their dreams of settling in such a sophisticated and advanced nation like the United States of America. To do this, we provide organized, simplified, and cost-effective services. The Migration Station team of highly experienced and certified USA immigration experts is always available to assist you if you are looking for professional immigration services for the United States of America (USA immigration). 

It brings us tremendous joy to put our best effort into our job, and the outcomes that we get are only more confirmation of that philosophy, which is then reflected on our customers’ faces. We strive to make the whole U.S. immigration process as simple as possible, but we also believe in building a relationship with our customers – to make them feel like they are a part of The Migration Station. 


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