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Study Visa 

The United States has terrific opportunities for education with the world’s highest-ranked universities in it. Students actively enrolled in school are eligible to apply for student visas. Approximately 5 percent of all university students in the United States are international students, making the United States home to the world’s most significant international student population.  

International students opt to study in the United States to broaden views and expand educational opportunities. Several courses are available in practically every field, making the country’s educational system one of the greatest in the world. 


Reasons to choose the United States for study 


  • A robust support system for international students;  

  • Safe, healthy student communities are all desirable.  

  • Classes that provide a range of options and flexibility 

  • International students can often work and participate in internships while enrolled in classes. 

Study Visa Types 

The sort of visa you will need will be determined by the type of education you want to pursue in the United States of America. The federal government of the United States provides three distinct kinds of student visas:  

  • The F-1 visa 

  • The J-1 visa 

  • The J-2 visa 

A J Exchange Visa must be obtained to enroll in an exchange program, such as high school or university courses. Non-academic and vocational topics are studied or trained in the United States under the M Student Visa; N Student Visa is used to study or training non-academic and vocational subjects under the N Student Visa in the United States. 


Application process  

  • To proceed, you must complete the Electronic Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160) form available online. While filling out the form, go over each regulation and condition carefully. 

  • Any information you enter must be accurate and correct to be considered valid. To get help, you should speak with a qualified immigration attorney or translator. 

  • After submitting your application, you will be required to pay the fees. 

  • Your profile is being established, and you should keep note of your application ID or number in case you need to schedule an appointment for your visa appointment soon. 

  • One appointment was scheduled with the visa application center (VAC), which collected biometrics and other information. Another was with the United States Embassy, which would perform the visa interview and interview with the visa. 


Let Us Help you 

For study visa advice, The Migration Station will aid you with counseling, course selection, coaching, and instruction to get study permission from your home country’s government. 



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