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USA Visit Visa 

The USA is one of the most attractive places to visit due to being a very established and developed state. When foreign citizens intend to enter the United States, they are first required to get a visa, which may be either a nonimmigrant visa for a brief stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residency. Candidates who have submitted an application and want to visit the nation for up to six months will be granted one of the visas if they meet the requirements. 

There are two sorts of visas available for entering the United States:  

  1. Tourist visas 

  1. Business visas 

To enter the United States for business reasons, you must first get a US Business Visa from Dubai. • If you wish to visit the United States only for tour and pleasure purposes, you must apply for a US Tourist Visa from Dubai. This kind of visa is sometimes referred to as the B2 Visa. 

When traveling to the United States on a visit visa from Dubai, the bearer can enter and stay in the nation for up to six months. The DS-160 online form must be completed to submit an application for a United States Business Visa or a United States Tourist Visa from Dubai.  


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